This Gift Hamper fights Climate Change

Climate Action: We have eight years to save the planet.

After decades of frankly criminal inaction on the part of our election cycle-obsessed governments, we're now on a dangerous trajectory of runaway climate change.  Action needs to be dramatic and fast. A lot has happened in the climate action space in recent weeks...

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Guide

Looking for an ethical Mother's Day gift with heart? Read on..  Each piece is ethical, sustainable and goes towards creating social good here in Australia and overseas. 

Mother's Day Giveaway

The most decadent Vegan Chocolate Hampers in Australia

The Science of Giving: How giving makes you happier and healthier

Want to know why you get that "warm glow" when you give a gift or donate to charity?

Ethical nail polish without the nasty chemicals

There’s a shocking cocktail of chemicals used in the manufacture of conventional nail polish. So I was thrilled to discover Melbourne-based nail polish brand Kester Black for SOOOO many reasons. Kester Black produces cruelty-free, vegan friendly, toxin-free, sustainably manufactured, professional quality nail polishes. See why I choose to include them in some of our popular gift hampers.


Gifts that Give Back

Curated with Conscience lives and breathes the ethos of Gifts that Give Back. One of the ways that we give back is by donating at least 3% of our annual sales revenue to secular humanitarian, environmental, and social justice charities, and to inspiring individuals creating positive social impact.  See where we donated to.