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The most decadent Vegan Chocolate Hampers in Australia

Vegan chocolate handmade in Melbourne


It’s almost Easter which only means one thing: an abundance of chocolate everywhere you turn. If you're vegan, have vegan friends, or you opt for ethical chocolate, Easter can be a challenging time of year!

Put the palm oil down because I have curated the most decadent selection of handcrafted ethical, vegan Easter chocolate treats sourced from brands with a conscience.


Vegan Chocolate Therapy hamper

This delightful hamper is 100% vegan and 100% gift-worthy. Featuring a delicious array of artisan chocolate creations and a stunning reusable coffee cup. We’ve curated this pack with sustainability and giving back in mind. For that reason, each hamper comes complete with a menu detailing where we’ve sourced each item and why. Read on, and be prepared to be hungry as we unveil the gourmet goodies included in our Chocolate Therapy hamper.

Handmade vegan chocolate treats hamper Melbourne

Australian Native Bushfood Chocolate 

The Australian native pepperberry and a raspberry vegan dark chocolate bar is delicious artisan chocolate like you've never experienced before. Pepperberry is an Australian native bushfood that has three times the antioxidants of blueberries, and is considered to be a superfood by many. Superfood and chocolate in the same sentence?  We've reached nirvana! 

Each bar is handmade by Kakadu Plum Co; a fantastic social enterprise that supports native bush food projects and employment opportunities in Indigenous communities.


Australian native bushfood vegan chocolate


Vegan Chocolate-Coated Artisan Nougat

The Bramble & Hedge range of vegan nougat is created without eggs or honey making it a viable goodie for treat-loving vegans. Made with invert sugar, Belgian vegan chocolate and an array of nuts, dried fruit and flowers, it looks as beautiful as it tastes.

After travelling the world and learning from the best, Hayley founded Bramble & Hedge in a small Melbourne apartment in 2009. Her love of fine, ethically sourced ingredients makes her creations something really special.

Vegan chocolate-coated Pomegranate Sour Cherry Nougat

Vegan Cocoa-Dusted Australian Macadamias

The premium Australian macadamias covered in silky vegan dark chocolate are dusted with cocoa powder. Hand-panned in small batches in the traditional European technique by Cocoa Luxe. Created in Melbourne by Issy, Australia's most experienced hand-panner, these will not disappoint.

Nestar Cocoa Luxe vegan chocolate-coated Australian macadamias


Small Batch Vegan Hot Chocolate

The Grounded Pleasures Exquisite original organic, vegan and gluten-free drinking chocolate is made from African Red Cocoa Bean. The quality is second to none with the deep flavour providing an instantly calming and invigorating effect all at once.

Grounded Pleasures is a family-owned business operating from Ballarat, Victoria. They believe a good cocoa is just as complex as a fine wine and after tasting theirs, we have to agree.

HuskeeCup Reusable Coffee Cup

Sip your decadent vegan hot chocolate from our design awards-winning reusable cup, sustainably manufactured using repurposed coffee husk. It’s cafe-friendly, dishwasher safe and designed to keep your drink hotter for longer.

The HuskeeCup is made primarily from recycled husks of beans, a by-product of coffee processing that would otherwise be discarded by growers. Thanks to a clever finned design, these husks come together to form a cup that is more chip-resistant than ceramic, and more heat-retentive than glass.

 HuskeeCup sustainable coffee cup


Vegan Chocolate Indulgence hamper

If you’re looking to level-up, the Vegan Chocolate Indulgence hamper is the ultimate vegan chocolate fix! Filled with locally-sourced artisan chocolate goodies, each piece is handcrafted using premium, ethically-sourced ingredients. Each hamper is sent with a beautifully printed menu telling the inspiring story behind each chocolate masterpiece. 

Vegan chocolate treats gift basket Melbourne

Vegan Chocolate-Coated Caramel Honeycomb 

Delicious vegan caramel honeycomb, chopped and drizzled with dark couverture chocolate and sprinkled with freeze-dried strawberry, blueberry and sea-salt flakes, your vegan giftee will be delighted with this innovation. 

Handcrafted in Footscray, Melbourne by Odette Squillace, Pastry Chef and Owner of Two Little Tarts. 

How can honeycomb be vegan I hear you ask?  It's best explained by the creator herself:

"Honeycomb is traditionally made with sugar and honey, which is boiled to a very high temperature & then aerated with Bicarb soda. This reaction creates all of those wonderful bubbles inside of the candy.

Lots of commercial honeycombs include Gelatine (yuk!) and rice flours too to make it cheaper and last longer. We don’t do this!! We make our vegan honeycomb with sugar and no honey. We boil the sugar to a delicious Caramel & aerate with the BiCarb Soda the same and let it set. We smash it up into pieces & drizzle it with delicious Couverture Dark Chocolate."


Vegan dark chocolate-coated caramel honeycomb

Vegan Rum and Raisin dark chocolate bar

Organic, vegan and palm-oil free, this dark chocolate handcrafted by Melbourne master chocolatier, Monsieur Truffle. Using the finest ingredients right down to sustainable wrapping, this gorgeous chocolate is absolutely delicious. 

Monsieur Truffe opened its doors in Prahran Market in 2006. From a one man operation with humble beginnings, Monsieur Truffle is now a bonafide Melbourne institution with a cult-like following Australia-wide. 

Vegan rum and raisin dark chocolate handmade in Melbourne


Vegan Chocolate Cranberries

These juicy macadamias covered in silky vegan dark chocolate are a must-have delicacy.  Expertly hand-panned in the traditional European technique by Melbourne's Cocoa Luxe.  

Vegan chocolate-coated cranberries handcrafted in Melbourne

Vegan Dark Couverture Chocolate Popcorn with Coconut + Orange

Introducing the finest dark couverture chocolate shards infused with popcorn, coconut flakes and orange oil. Oh so moreish and ridiculously luxe!

Yet another truly magnificent vegan chocolate creation by our favourite pastry chef, Odette Squillace from Two Little Tarts in Footscray.

 Handmade Dark Couverture Chocolate Popcorn with Coconut and Orange


And last but not least, the Grounded Pleasures exquisite original organic, vegan and gluten-free drinking chocolate makes another appearance in our hamper range, because we just can't get enough of the best hot chocolate in Melbourne (in our humble opinion). 

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We hope your Easter is a wonderful one. 

Yours in ethical gifting, 


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