Gifts that Give Back

Gifts that Give Back

Curated with Conscience lives and breathes the ethos of Gifts that Give Back. One of the ways that we give back is by donating at least 3% of our annual sales revenue to secular humanitarian, environmental, and social justice charities, and to inspiring individuals creating positive social impact.

Thanks to your support, we’re thrilled to let you know that for FY19 we’ve been able to donate $1,500. It’s a modest amount, but we’re a young business with big ambitions to donate much, much more to people and organisations changing the world for the better.

Where did the money go?

Gifts That Give Back - Maria Doyle and Project Hope Sumba

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Introducing our first FY 19 gifts that give back $750 donation recipient – Maria Doyle and Project Hope Sumba

20 years on the road as a traveller, roving English teacher, teacher trainer and as a big believer in ‘giving back’, Maria is a Masters degree -qualified English teacher, teacher trainer, and business owner from Perth who donates her expertise to disadvantaged schools in developing countries.

Maria currently provides teacher training to schools on the remote island of Sumba, off the coast of Bali. Many of the teachers here had no training prior to Maria’s workshops due to the limited government funding that their schools receive.

Where Is Sumba?

CWC’s donation (which is really your donation, you wonderful humans buying our hampers!) will fund the provision of teacher training aids and children’s teaching resources tailored to the exact needs of the schools on Sumba. You can learn more about Maria’s work at here.

Our second FY 19 gifts that give back $750 donation recipient is Oxfam’s East Africa Emergency Food Crisis Appeal. We really felt it was important to support vulnerable people who are bearing the brunt of climate change, through no fault of their own. (The greenhouse gas emissions by these countries is negligible compared to those of developed countries.)

East Africa Oxfam WorkImage via

More than 22 million people are currently affected by the drought in South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia, and at least 15 million are going hungry.

East Africa’s failed rains have caused crops to fail and cattle to die while the lack of clean water increases the threat of cholera and other diseases. The region was hit by an 18-month drought caused by El Niño and higher temperatures linked to climate change.

These are primarily small-scale agricultural societies so the effects of failed rains are catastrophic, with little support from their own governments.

We chose to donate to Oxfam because it is rated among the top “highly impactful charities” by Peter Singer.

Gifts that Give Back even more

Thank you so much for all your support over the past financial year. I hope you continue to choose ‘socially conscious’ gifts for your colleagues and loved ones during the year ahead so we can create even bigger impacts

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