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Curated with Conscience’s mission is to make the world a better place by promoting beautiful, ethical, and sustainable gift giving and generous charitable giving.

  • We proudly support Australian artisan businesses, design-led ethical brands, and social enterprises by expertly bundling their fabulous products to expand their market reach.
  • We’re passionate about helping ‘for purpose’ businesses and organisations thrive by designing gifts that support their strategic objectives and align with their organisational values.
  • We connect socially conscious people who appreciate the unique and the beautiful with the very best of gifts that do good.
  • We donate a minimum of 3% of sales revenue (including in-kind donations) each year to secular humanitarian, environmental, and social justice charities, and inspiring individuals creating social impact.



Got a gifting occasion coming up? Find out what we can create just for you...

We can work with your brief and budget to create something unique for you. Call Michelle on 0409 059 739, or submit an online enquiry and we’ll contact you by the next business day.