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Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Guide

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Guide

Looking for an ethical Mother's Day gift with heart? Read on because I’ve curated a beautiful collection of gift boxes to delight you, your mum, an aunt, sister or grandma. Each piece is ethical, sustainable and goes towards creating social good here in Australia and overseas. 

Day Spa at Home Mother's Day hamper


There’s nothing quite like a day at home spent spoiling yourself. In my humble opinion, this should be a weekly ritual for women everywhere.  The Day Spa At Home hamper includes everything required for a lovely, ethical day of self-care. 

Kester Black Ethical Nail Polish 

Not all nail polishes are created equal andKester Black  well and truly stands out. Their range of vegan nail polish is free from the ten nastiest chemicals found in conventional nail polish.  And they're a certified #bcorp, meaning they meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance. 

You can choose from four hues including The Future Is Female (Baby Pink), Impeachment (Peach), Buttercream (Soft Tan/Pink Nude) or Creature Comforts (Darker Caramel / Nude).

Natural Soy Wax Candles that Give Back 

Melbourne'sKandila Cocreate artisan soy candles that not only smell divine but give back. 50% of all profits go back to charities that provide education to disadvantaged children in developing nations.

 These stunning hand-poured candles are perfectly blended with premium Australian-made fragrance oil and use lead-free, natural fibre wicks.

Mimosa Botanicals Bath Soak

Your senses will sing with the beautiful blend of geranium, patchouli, orange essential oils, Epsom salts, Australian pink clay, organic orange peel powder and nourishing organic fairtrade cocoa butter. 

Crafted in an old-world apothecary studio based in Castlemaine Victoria, thisluxurious bath soakwill soothe the soul. 

 Chai Walli Signature Masala Chai 

Frustrated with the lack of authenticity, Uppma founded Chai Walli to share the genuine beauty of Indian teas and spices that her grandfather gifted her with.

 The granddaughter of an Ayurvedic doctor who specialised in herbs and spices, Uppma is a first-generation Indian Australian migrant who left her career as a lawyer to follow her passion to share her ancient family recipes with the world.

 Chai Walli award-winning signature masala chai is handcrafted and freshly blended in Australia using a delicious 11 spice blend.  

 Raw Chocolate by Tamworth’s Deva Cacao 

Chocolate that’s good for you and the planet is hard to come by so whenI found this one, I knew I was onto something special. This beautiful chocolate is organic, raw tempered, infused with coconut and sweetened with raw Australian honey. 

 Created in small batches this chocolate is delicious and sustainable. Their packaging is home compostable and each batch is crafted free of dairy, gluten, soy, GMO ingredients, artificial colours & preservatives. 

 Vegan chocolate-coated cranberries by Cocoa Luxe 

These juicy cranberries covered in silky vegan dark chocolate are a must-have delicacy.  

Expertly hand-panned in the traditional European technique by Melbourne's Cocoa Luxe, they truly are delicious. 


I am A Goddess Mother's Day Gift Bundle


Celebrate the goddess within you or someone special with the ‘I Am A Goddess’ hamper. Curated to do good, each piece is sourced fromsocial enterprises, design-led ethical brands, and talented Australian makers this will delight any mum this Mother’s Day. 

I Am A Goddess Tea from Little Wildling Co 

This organic combination of wild-grown Calendula, Dandelion, Burdock, Nettle, Licorice root, Lemongrass, Red Clover, Oats, St Marys Thistle helps to detox from the inside out resulting in goddess-like glowing skin.

Dark Chocolate Bar by Kakadu Plum Co 

Chocolate a superfood? We're ALL about it 👌🏼 Pepperberry is an Australian native bushfood AND is considered a superfood (with 3 times the antioxidants of blueberries).

Kakadu Plum Co handmade pepperberry + raspberry dark chocolate looks and tastes stunning. 

If you haven't heard of Kakadu Plum Co, then get ready to be INSPIRED: They're a fantastic social enterprise that supports native bush food projects and employment opportunities in Indigenous communities.

Mimosa Botanicals Bath Soak

We’ve used this delightful bath soak fromMimosa Botanicals again because all goddess’s deserve the sensory delight of a bath infused with geranium, patchouli, orange essential oils, Epsom salts, Australian pink clay, organic orange peel powder and nourishing organic fairtrade cocoa butter. 


Handbag Essentials Mother's Day Hamper


 An organised, functional handbag is something that never goes out of style. This handbag essentials hamper brings sustainability and innovation together. Packed full of must-haves for any lady on the go, you’ll love this fabulous curation. 


Memobottle began with a vision to end single-use plastic bottle consumption. This Australian-designed water bottle is a reusable, flat water bottle that fits in your bag alongside computers, books and valuables. Genius!

 Every memobottle sold provides one person with two months’ access to clean water too. Whatsmore, memobottle is a certified @bcorp business, which means it meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.

Mandarin & Bergamot Hand Treatment by Ena 

Theluxurious mix of plant-based, all-natural ingredients and 100% essential oils nourishes and protects your hands. The aromatic decadence of mandarin and bergamot works to energise you throughout the day. 

 It’s creamy, non-greasy and, it contains no nasty chemicals. $1 from every order goes back to supporting community projects. 

Chocolate by Tamworth’s Dava Cacao 

What handbag is complete without a sneaky snack? If you’re going to eat on the run,this nutritious chocolate is good for you and good for the planet. Crafted with organic, raw, tempered chocolate sweetened with raw Australian honey, this will hit the spot without the dreaded post-sugar crash. 

Our Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping 


Gift "unboxing" is a wonderfully sensory experience. Made even more special when your gift recipient discovers that the beautiful packaging is sustainable.

 Our packaging comprises an Australian-made 100% recycled kraft box with natural jute ribbon, compostable label, and handmade recycled paper gift tag embedded with easy-to-grow native Swan River Daisy seeds, designed and printed in St Peters, NSW.

Each Mother’s Day hamper is sent with a Gifts that Grow! eco-friendly greeting card that contains a packet of seeds.

We can even handwrite a personal message to make your gift extra special. It's the little touches that make a big impact when it comes to gifting. 

We deliver across Australia via the Australia Post network.

Yours in ethical Mother’s Day gifting, 








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